Xml reffers to non existing parent


I’m having a problem loading a tree but can’t find any problem in the xml. I have run it through the w3 validator and it is ok.


<item text=“Root” open="1"id=“0”>


Arrghh found it, needed a space before 1st id.

now i get afterNode.tr.previousSibling is null

Locally the same xml structure is loaded correctly. But there is a problem with item ids. Ids must be unique and you have two nodes with “34-16793109” id.

thanks for spotting that i didn’t think dupe id’s would occur.

However this structure does the same

<xmp> <item text="Root" open="1" id="0"> <item text="Events (17)" id="Events" open="1" im0="" im1="" im2=""> <item text="Ballast timeout(7)" id="34" im0="" im1="" im2=""> <item text="2237 1 Adpar Street" id="34-2237" im0="" im1="" im2=""/> </item> </item> </item> </xmp>

Please provide the complete demo where we can recreate the problem (including tree libraries).