XML required


I started working with scheduler and the data connector. I got it all working with the basic xml file provided.

When I attempt to generate my xml it generates an alert. I noticed that my script is sending this for the content type.

Content-Type: text/html,text/xml;charset=UTF-8

I understand that it should be…

Content-Type: text/xml;charset=UTF-8

But my server side script (htmlos htmlos.org) isn’t setting it that way. This only happens on Windows IIS servers and the htmlos script, if I use the linux version of the script it works correctly.

Is there a way to edit the DHTMLX code to accept text/html/text/xml?


You can try to use something like instead of scheduler.load

dhtmlxAjax.get("some.url", function(loader){ var text = loader.xmlDoc.responseText; scheduler.parse(text); });

@stanislav Thanks, your solution worked perfectly.

How would I apply this same idea to a data processor? I have this code…

var dp = new dataProcessor("/calendar/modify");

It works correctly but I have the same issue when it sends a response. Is there a way for it to parse the responseText when it doesn’t find responseXML?



Update dhtmlxcommon.js with the attached one, now all component will take such xml parsing error automatically.
dhtmlxcommon.zip (7.4 KB)