xmlB custom //row/head

Can you please help me w/ the splitAt() function. I’m using custom xml tags.

Below are the source code changes I’ve made thus far to allow the custom xml tags to work.

(1) using tag instead of id attribute

replaced var id=rows[i].getAttribute(“id”); with var id=xml.doXPath("./id",rows[i])[0].firstChild.data;     

(2) calls to xmlLoader.doXPath to get header information

see _parseHead:function(xmlDoc){…

How can I attach my source code ? ? ? Please provide dummy answer so I can attach zip file.

If you load KB through “full” interface - it will provide ability to attach files.  dhtmlx.com/docs/products/kb/index.php
None of above changes must affect the split functionality ( split executed afterd data parsing , when all data already parsed , so the source of data doesn’t matter )