xmlB in Dxtmlx4.2

I wish to know if it’s possible to load data in a Grid in ‘xmlB’ mode with dhtmlx 4.2.


Yes, it is still available to load xmlB/xmlA data format in the grid 4.2

If I use dhtmlx 4.2 standard it doesn’t work.
Do I need the pro version?

Unfortunately the extension is available in PRO version only.

I bought the PRO version, but I think there’s a bug using xmlB in Treegrid.
I solved replacing line 52 (dhtmlXGridObject.prototype._process_xmlB method) of dhtmlxgrid_data.js:

return this._process_tree_xml(xml);

whit this:

return this._process_tree_xml(top);

I hope it’s useful.

Thank you for your note.
Your suggestion will be considered.