XMLHttpRequest causes grid edit to lose focus

I have run into three examples where my dhtmlxGrid/TreeGrid loses focus when an XMLHttpRequest is made. It actually jumps to an adjacent dhtmlxForm field.

The first example is when I want to populate a combo on editing the cell (stage 0), and the second example I have run into is when using an XMLHttpRequest to validate an entry using either the built-in automatic validation, or by validating after cell editing (stage 2).

The third example is when using an XMLHttpRequest to update my database after editing.

The workaround for the first example is to populate the combo on row selection.

The second I simply can’t work around.

The third I have worked around by delaying the update and therefore the XMLHttpRequest) for 100ms using setTimeOut.

Anyone else had similar experience?

@gbarnes: I’m working right now on implementing an XHR request (using JSON for data exchange) to populate a grid control. I’ll let you know if I experience any issue similar to the ones you noted. Kind regards.

Unfortunately the issues cannot be reproduced locally.
If they still occur for you - please, provide us with a complete demo, where the issues can be reproduced.