XMLKIDS and Drag & Drop


I am using Drag&Drop to drop new nodes onto my dhtmlxtreegrid. I have defined an on-drop event that refreshes the node data from the server (doing all the neccessary backend initializations). My problem is, however, that the xmlkids=“1” setting is simply ignored by the grid. Is there any way to get a plus sign to appear next to the newly created node? I am using dynamic loading from the server.

There is no way to dynamically add “xmlkids” attribute to the row in treeGrid to make this row expandable.
You can set “xmlkids” attribute only at xml or if you add row with addRow() method.

So you can attach “onDrop” event to the target treeGrid, block default behavior and call addRow() method with necessary parameters.
Please find more information about addRow() parameters in treeGrid library here docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … oving_rows

Thanks for the reply!

I am setting xmlkids=“1” in the xml (when calling updateFromXML) — yet it is ignored :frowning: is this a bug or is it supposed to be so?

It is supposed to be so. There is no way to add\remove “xmlkids” attribute for the row.