XMLload is null or not an object

I am trying to use openItemsDynamic to open a path with my dhtmlxtree. We’ve purchased the professional version and I believe I have the correct .js files loaded. However I am getting an error that says ‘XMLload is null or not an object’ from Line 23 Char 702. I’ve imported the following script files

all 4 script files have a date modified of 12/14/2007.

Any ideas what’s going on?

Such error may occur if you entered incorrect order of items in openItemsDynamic command
Component loads nodes one-by-one from list , and if some ID from lists not exists - it will throw mentioned error.

Actually, that was not my problem. The problem that I was having is that I was using guids for the id’s. When I replaced the ‘-’ with ‘_’ it worked fine. Of course I had to do a bit of coding to format and reformat the guid’s but it does work now. Is there a chance of getting a version that accepts ‘-’?

That is strange, because there is no any limitation for used chars. The default string separator is “,” , so any other char inside ID must be safe enough
Can it be that problem was caused not by client side code, but by sending such uids to server? ( the - char can be escaped and not recognized by server )
Please provide a sample of uid - which not works for you correctly.

I don’t think it’s from calls to the server. I load the tree dynamically through a .aspx page that returns an xml string. The following is an example of the xml
First Call   99  
Second Call  0
Final Call  1
The first call would be want was initially loaded. When F Upper Node is clicked, it calls the .aspx page with the id set to F Upper Node and returns the second call and so on. When I refresh the page, I call the javascript function that contains only the following line
I obviously want this to be dynamic, but I hard-coded it for testing purposes. That’s when it broke. Perhaps you can see something else that I am doing wrong. The true part does call a function that causes a server side post-back, but that function is being used for clicking throughout the tree as well and works fine.

I recreated same sample locally ( with PHP ) - and it works correctly , without any errors in my case ( contact us at support@dhtmlx.com - if you need such working sample )
If problem still occurs for you - please try to add next code snippet at end of dhtmlxtree_xw.js , it will output debug output for each action while executing openItemsDynamic

                 that.onXLE = that.onLoadReserve;
                 if (that._opnItmsDnmcFlg)
                 if ((that.onXLE)&&(arguments[1])) that.onXLE.apply(that,arguments);
    alert(that.ClosedElem.length+" elements in list");
             var temp=that._globalIdStorageFind(that.G_node);
    alert(“element with such id”+(temp?"":" NOT “)+” found");
             if (temp.XMLload===0)