XPath Support in IE (using 2.1 90226) causing errors

Using Firefox 3.0.11 the following works as expected:

endpoint =    “/ajax/setProgramOpenClose.php”

parms =     “pgmId=”+selectedRows;


var loader = dhtmlxAjax.postSync(endpoint, parms);

// loader.xmlDoc.responseText is:

//<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>


// 1

// Changes sucessfully made.


var result = loader.doXPath("/result/message");



In FF the last alert is “Changes sucessfully made”. Howerver when running same in IE8 I get “undefined”. I know there are documented problems with IEs xpath support. Am I running into IE limitations here?


textContent isn’t supported by IE. You can try to use result[0].firstChild.data instead of it.