Year view


My company is thinking of buying your tool.

Before this, we have some questions about year view :

  • is it possible to disable dates ?
  • is it possible to hide “time” in Lightbox Time period ?
  • is it possible to change color for some days ?

Thank you for your answers !

it’s all possible, although require some client-side coding.
Here is a quick example …

Thank your for the example and your time !

It does exactly what I want.

Is it also possible to disable the display of the past years in view and lightbox ?

In your example, I have tried to set recurring and mini calendar in lightbox but it doesn’t work :

            scheduler.Lightbox.Add(new LightboxMiniCalendar("cal", "Time period"));

Do I have to do this in client side ?

you can disable display of past years in calendar, but not in lightbox(at least without overriding some inner methods)
It can be done both on client or on server, check the attachment for example
related docs: … on_options

I have tried to set recurring and mini calendar in lightbox but it doesn’t work
as soon as you add some custom control to the lightbox, the default controls will be removed, you need to add them manually
c#: scheduler.Lightbox.Add(new LightboxText("text", "Description")); scheduler.Lightbox.Add(new LightboxRecurringBlock("rec_type", "Repeat")); scheduler.Lightbox.Add(new LightboxMiniCalendar("calendar", "Time period"));
example: …


In your example, using the LightboxMiniCalendar generates a javascript error when submitting the lightbox with a recurring event :

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined dhtmlxscheduler.js:172
a.formSection dhtmlxscheduler.js:172
d.form_blocks.recurring.get_value dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js:13
a._lightbox_out dhtmlxscheduler.js:185
a.save_lightbox dhtmlxscheduler.js:187

I tried it on IE9 and and Chrome 26.0.1410.43

Sorry, my mistake
Here is the fixed version …

Thanks for the fixed version !

The problem was just because of the name of the LightboxMiniCalendar ?

recurring control uses value from time picker to configure event dates, and it expects time-control to be named ‘time’. So in case form have been customized and contains recurring control, timepicker always should be named as ‘time’