Yes/No dialog

is there a simple way to show a yes/no dialog box just before submitting the form?
Something like “Are you sure you want to save this?” with yes/no buttons… if no is pressed, do nothing and with yes, proceed with submitting the form…
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

You can attach ‘onBeforeSave’ or ‘onBeforeValidate’ form events and use there dhtmlxMessage confirm: … nfirm.html

That’s fantastic, just what I was looking for!
I knew I could count on you Darya! :smiley:
Thanks a lot!!!

You are welcome, Marco1 :slight_smile:

I just found out that this new feature works with ver. 3.6 only…
I have too many important personalizations (that you guys helped me with over the last months) in ver. 3.5 to leave behind…
I have to stay with no messages, at least for now…
Oh well…

If you have PRO edition - please, send this request on with a link to this topic. Or is you have active support license - just create a ticket in the support system.