Yii and GridConnector


Is there way to query own sql-query with Yii connection to database?

For example:

$grid = new GridConnector(null, "PHPYii"); $grid->render_sql("select * from calibration", "itemid", "itemid,lastdate,nextdate,userid,username,notification", "", "");

GridConnector throws exception with that code.

Please, try to use the latest connector version:

Also, please, make sure that you’ve added the required extension:
github.com/DHTMLX/connector-php … phpyii.php // for the phpYii 2
github.com/DHTMLX/connector-php … hpyii1.php //for the phpYii 1

How can I install connector-php from github to yii2? There is no instruction for install. Tutorial on docs.dhtmlx.com has instruction for download full yii zip archive with integrated connector-php only.