Yii2 Integration

i am a newbie, wanting to achieve everything.

I have a sort of integration with Yii2 and timeline,
however i have a few i want to do seamlessly and need some assistance.

i have a Timeline view established in Yii2 however using an external PHP file for data.
y_property: ‘name’,
var dp = new dataProcessor(“sections.php”);

this displays my data and renders fine on screen, here comes the bit where i need some help
i have replaced lightbox with my own yii form and populated with data such as;
var start = format(ev.start_date);
var end = format(ev.end_date);
html(“description”).value = ev.text || “”;
html(“contact”).value = ev.contact || “”;
html(“contactno”).value = ev.contactno || “”;
html(“contactemail”).value = ev.contactemail || “”;
html(“startdate”).value = start || “”;
html(“finishdate”).value = end || “”;
html(“id”).value = id || “”;
filling in the data from the php file.
this works fine for creation, populating start dates end dates and allows me to create.
the issue comes when i want to view items, this is probably easy and quick to answer

i need to be able to double click on an item at it send me to modal displaying the contents of or sending me to servername/web/index.php?r=controller/view&ID=
and then the event id.

thanks in advanced

being very stupid
resolved myself
scheduler.attachEvent(“onDblClick”, function(id){
location.href = “index.php?r=controller/view&id=” + id;