Yii2 options for select in scheduler lightbox


I am trying to populate the project select with data from the server.
I am using yii2.
My controller data action:

public function actionData() { $list = new OptionsConnector(null, "PHPYii"); $list->render_table("project","id","id(value),name(label)"); $connector = new JSONSchedulerConnector(null, "PHPYii"); $connector->set_options("project", $list); $connector->configure( new Booking(), "id", "start, end, activity, user, subsubproject, status, comment" ); $connector->render(); }

I get an error message:
Exception ‘Error’ with message ‘Call to a member function find() on string’

And I think this line is the cause: $connector->set_options("project", $list);

What should I change?



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