z-index raise the popup

Grid 3.5.

For my application’s specific need, I created a customized dropdown box such that when a user clicks on the box, a list of items will be displayed. Instead of using the standard tag, I used the

that dynamically loads and displays the list of items. This works fine so long it is outside of the GRID.

Now, I place the customized dropdown box inside the GRID object using:

var text = [dynamically_created_div_string_for_dropdown];
gridObj.addRow(row_id, text);

The dynamically_created_div_string_for_dropdown includes:

in order to display the list on top and above of the Grid’s level. But it always display inside the grid border. This causes an issue that when the list is long, the rest of the items will be hidden behind the grid’s bottom border, such that the user has to use the mouse’s scroll wheel to scroll down to see the items. What I truly want is to display the list on top and above the grid level.

How can I do that?



You are placing dropdown inside the cell but unfortunately the cell cannot be displayed out of the grid.