So far i’ve been able to configure the dhtmlxCalendar without much troubles, but now that it’s working, i need to know if there is any way to pass a z-order parameter, beacause the form that currently supports the calendar (attached to a text input) is inside a DIV and when i click on this text box to actually pick a date, the calendar looks to be behind the form’s DIV.

What can i do to make this calendar to be on the top of everything else?

The z-index of calendar can be defined in dhtmlxcalendar.css

    z-index:99;   // this is it

Beware that dhtlmxcalendar.css contains few similar definitions , for different skins.

I had tried that b4, but it doesn´t really matter how bit i set the z-index to, it´s allways behind the rest of my elements on the web page. Also tried modifiying the z-index of my own CSS to negative numbers and i get the same result. I had decided to send a mail to you guys with 2 screenshots and some further information on what i´m doin.