zindex between two dhtmlx windows


Following is the scenario I have: On the click of a button on a jsp page, a new dhtmlx window opens up. This window then has a button to open a calendar. The calendar opens up in a new dhtmlx window. So I now have two dhtmlx windows on the jsp page. The calendar window is always below the older dhtmlx window. I want my calendar to be the top most window. I have tried bringtotop and zindexstep and both do not seem to be working. Even If I make the calendar window modal, the calendar window is still behind the older dhtmlx window and the original window becomes modal such that I cant click on the jsp page. Could you please let me know how to get the calendar window in front of the other dhtmlx window?

Thank You

Found the error. I was using different dhtmlXWindows instances for both the windows. Did not know bring to top works only for windows created by the same new dhtmlXWindows(); statement. Sorry for the post :slight_smile: