Beta version of plugin - fixes and some new features.

This is not stable version of code, it may have bugs.

If you have problems with latest official version, or really need new features ( described below ) - you may try to use it, but if existing version works fine - do not update


  • resolves some db|settings migration issues , while updating from plugin 1.3
  • resolves lot of javascript issues in IE
  • resolves issues with 30-day limit for agenda ( can be set in admin part )
  • hardcoded messages moved to localization file
  • some css conflicts fixed
  • incorrect behavior in case of double-activation fixed
  • problem with incorrect custom field names fixed


  • optional db operation log
  • support of WPMU
  • support of per-user calendars in both WP and Joomla

Updated (6/25/2010):
Both packages updated with next fixes

  • Freezing of admin part during initial loading fixed
  • DB saving errors in case of strict DB validation mode

Version for WP …

Version for Joomla …

Is file link for joomla right?
It has only sidebar module.

check it please. thanks

Yep, link updated with the correct one.

How are per-user calendars implemented to (not logged in) guests, i.e. public calendars?


I’ve used file attached above on my WP version 3.0
the Calendar still can’t be seen on the page

please, rebuild it for WP 3.0

Can you post list of other plugins which was installed in problematic case ( here or by PM )
Scheduler works fine for new WP3.0 installation

How are per-user calendars implemented to (not logged in) guests, i.e. public calendars?

This feature can be combined with default user rights, so “guest” users will not be able to create any events, or even will not be able to see scheduler at all.

I’ve sent you plugin list for my WP installation
just in case you didn’t read my PM
here is the list

advanced spoiler
Email Protect
fast and secure contact form
Kahi’s note
link cloaking plugin
nextgen gallery
PHP exec
Popularity contest
Visitor Map and who’s online
wordpress hit counter
WP Google weather
YAnewsflash plugin

Try to update
with the attached one (7.52 KB)

i’ll try it

still not working, the calendar page showing no content
does permalink affect it?
I use month and name permalink

Can you post a line to the page on your blog where scheduler must be rendered but somehow doesn’t work ?

here is the link

never mind me
it works now
seems like I wrongly put the code snippet

Hola Stanislav, tengo un problema similar, ya que event calendar scheduler no funciona bien en mi wordpress 3.0, cual sería la manera recomendable de desisntalación para eliminar todos los archivos y volver a instalarlo, así podré revisar si con esta actualización funciona bien.

Saludos y gracias.

You can just deactivate and uninstall the existing plugin, after which install the updated one.
Updated plugin will adjust settings of older version, where it necessary, automatically.

I keep getting theis error. When I try and activate the plugin.
I have WP 3.0 on Yahoo site.

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.
Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /wildwoodhoa/wp-content/plugins/event-calendar-scheduler/codebase/dhtmlxSchedulerConfigurator.php on line 6

Your the only plugin that has “access right” for Subscriber to only edit their own events. So can you please help me.

Which version of php you are using ?
Server side of plugin will work only with PHP 5.x, and error which you have describe, is very similar to one , when PHP 4.x is used.

Ya, Yahoo uses 4.3.11… bummer! Thanks for the info.

I see that version 2.2 is now available on your main page but it doesn’t mention a newer version for WordPress 3.0. Will v2.2 get published for WordPress users?