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I purchased a pro license, followed the instructions to install and now I am getting an error that my license is expired. I have tried multiple ways to contact customer support. No one has responded to emails in days. I need to demo to my client can some one please contact me.


We see that you submitted 2 support requests on Saturday. We respond only within the working days (Monday-Friday).
If you installed the Pro version but you get the message that the Trial period is expired it means that the Trial version is STILL connected on your page.
The easiest way to check that is to remove the pro version file (dhtmlxgantt.js) then reload the page. If Gantt is successfully loaded, it means that it works because of the connected dhtmlxgantt.js file. If Gantt is not displayed, but you get the Gantt object when you type gantt in the Dev Tools, it means that the files from another version are still loaded.

You can open the following snippet on the HTML tab. It looks as if has only one
dhtmlxgantt.js file connected:
But if you scroll down, you will see that there is another dhtmlxgantt.js file.
If you type the gantt.license in the web console, you will get "evaluation".
As soon as you remove the file at the bottom, the gantt.license property should return "site".

You already created a topic with the same issue:

Please, don’t do that in the future.