dhtmlcConnector / JSONDataConnector Iseries AS400


I am new in dhtmlx and maybe don’t know all the different level of components. i am working on a specific machines Iseries AS400, and would like to implement dhtmlx. For that i d like to create on server side all the req replies in order to be compliant with dataware components. This OS has a proprietary environment and none connector are available on your side so far.
in other word i need to implement a specific connector. where could i found any documentation needed for that ? where do i start ?
any ideas will be helpful


For loading all components require xml is specific format.
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/doc … index.html
So you need to have a set of scripts which will reply to request with xml data.

Data saving is a bit more complex. Check the attached document.
All components have client side api to get current state|value, so instead of connector’s data protocol you can create a custom handlers on client side, which will send data to the server side in necessary format.
connector.pdf.zip (1.21 MB)