dhtmlxScheduler 3.5 Beta version [New White skin included!]

Update: Final version of dhtmlxScheduler 3.5 was released!

You can read more about it in our blog post.
Be sure to check out “What’s new” page in our documentation.

And of course update to the final version:
dhtmlx.com/x/download/regular/dh … eduler.zip

Thank you all for sticking with us!


I was trying the custom marked sections and I have a problem(?).

I try this:
scheduler.addMarkedTimespan({ zones: [0,960,1860,2460], css: “block_section_offwork”, days: [1,2,3,4,5] });
scheduler.addMarkedTimespan({ zones: [12
60,13*60], css: “block_section_offwork”, days: [1,2,3,4,5], html: ‘Lunch Break’ });

But this only create one marked section per day, and I need to block some individual sections with different HTML attributes.



I am not sure I follow.
In your example you create marked timespans for specified days and time. It will be applied to all sections.
Now if you want to limit it to specific section (say I will be busy from 14 till 15), you can add following:

scheduler.addMarkedTimespan({ zones: [0,9*60,18*60,24*60], css: "block_section_offwork", days: [1,2,3,4,5], sections: { timeline: [1,5,9], units: 2 } });

Notice the new ‘sections’ part. It accepts object with the names of the views you wish to mark and list of ids.

Kind regards,

Thanks for your respond.

Now I’m working with deleting and updating single event from recurring event…
I’m working with this code (Version 3.5 Beta):

        var oev = {
            start_date: '01-06-2012 12:00',
            end_date: '02-06-2037 13:00',
            rec_type: 'day_1____',
            event_pid: 0


        var nev = {
            start_date: '13-06-2012 12:00',
            end_date: '13-06-2012 13:00',
            text:'Not today',
            rec_type: 'none',
            rec_pattern: 'none',
            event_length: 1339603200, //One hour before start_date (WHY????)
            event_pid: '265',


The code is working but I run into two problems:

  1. The event_length for the deleted event (nev) have to be one hour before the start_date? (This is the only way I get this working)
  2. I have to add the event two times to make it work? [scheduler.addEvent(nev);]

In the current stable version (3.0) have the same problem but have to use this code too:

        scheduler._add_rec_marker(nev, 1339603200*1000); //used to apply exception
scheduler._add_rec_marker(nev, 1339603200*1000); //used to apply exception


You was mentioning issue with minicalendar and marked timespans - package was updated, this issue should be solved now.

Kind regards,

Thanks Ilya,

The issue with the minicalendar and marked timespans is fixed (I was using the same CSS to hide the timespans in the minicalendar for now).

Any idea if my previous post is a bug or something?

PS: By the way, the 3.5 version is working amazing. Good work!

“deleting and updating single event from recurring event” problem updated

I found out that there is no need to use addEvent two times. But I have to use this:


I think the problem is in “scheduler.get_visible_events” function because after addEvent it’s returning all the recurring events and after I execute scheduler.render_view_data() it work as expected.

I can’t go any deeper, don’t understand a lot of things in some functions. Hope this help

PD: I was using a wrong timestamp so there is not any problem with event_length.


So what are the actual problems?
event_length is resolved.

You absolutely don’t need to call addEvent two times, once is enough. But then you need to refresh current view. Depending on your setting addEvent may not do it. To refresh current view simply call scheduler.setCurrentView();
Best regards,

Well adding an event manually scheduler.setCurrentView(); can be an option but this still happen when you try to delete a single event with the scheduler. I made a short video (38 seconds) to show that I have to delete each event two times to make it disappear from the scheduler:


This example is from “/3.5_Beta/samples/03_extensions/01_recurring_events.html” without any modification.

I don’t see mobile in this package. Do you have a beta release for that?


Danny, in your video there is a problem saving events. Most likely there is error on server side. Can you reproduce the problem without using server side or it configured correctly?

kdoronzio, mobile version will be released separately.

Kind regards,


first of all thank you very much for the update of the scheduler!

If I use

	<script src="./codebase/scheduler3punkt5/ext/dhtmlxscheduler_treetimeline.js" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script>

in the project, the drag and drop-funktionality does not work anymore…

Could there be a problem with that library?



I’ve updated package.

Kind regards,


thanks again for the update!

I have problems with
scheduler.config.details_on_dblclick = false;

In any view that does not work… I am all the time able to doubleclick and see the details-window…
Any solution for this?

Best regards,


Can’t confirm this issue. Steps I’ve taken:

  1. Open scheduler\samples\01_initialization_loading\01_basic_init.html
  2. Dbl click existing event -> inline editing
  3. Edit sample to include scheduler.config.details_on_dblclick = true;
  4. Dblclick -> Lightbox is displayed
  5. Edit again scheduler.config.details_on_dblclick = false;
  6. Dblclick -> Inline editing

Best regards,


I’ve tried this with the sample you provide, but it is the same here:

Change into the month view f.e. (or the multidayline in week/day-view) and doubleclick on an event while you have
scheduler.config.details_on_dblclick = false;

The lightbox shows up…


Yes, that’s expected behavior for Month view as it doesn’t have inline editing.

Best regards,

Ah, ok.

But is there a way to prevent editing?

I have in my code

	    	     scheduler.config.readonly_form = true;
	    	     //block all modifications
		     scheduler.attachEvent("onBeforeDrag",function(){return false;});
		     scheduler.attachEvent("onClick",function(){return false;})
		     scheduler.config.details_on_dblclick = false;
		     scheduler.config.dblclick_create = false;

, but with the possibility just to doubleclick in the month view, editing is still possible…

Thank you very much!


What you are trying to achieve here? Are you fine with inline editing on Day/Week views?
What would you like to happen then you dbl click event on Month view?

You can always prevent lightbox from displaying by using “onBeforeLightbox” event.

Best regards,

First of all thank you very much, I got the edit-problem working…

Another thing:
I want to use the multiselect option. Everything works, but if I want to see a multiselected event in the “multi”-section-timeline-view, it is not there.
This means, if I select 1 option I can see the event, if I select 2 or more, it is in the timelineview not visible.

And one more thing:
Is there a way to perform some kind of a zoom in and out in time in the timeline-views? Or does anybody have a sample how to do it? I want to have the possiblity to start f.e. in timeline-week-view, but then be able to switch in the timeline to day (zoom in) and month (zoom out)…

Thank you!