Dynamically Resizing of Grid


I have generated a grid consisting of 3 columns that will be initialized in a container (width 100%, height%100).

By Resizing the window of the browser the change of the grid should also changing its global dimension.
The column which is defined with autoWith should be changed, too depending on the size of the grid.

Until version 5 this could be realized with the “onResize=‘return true;’”-statement in the HTML-document.

Is there a posibility in grid version 7.3 to get the same result?
An example would be helpful.


I found this topic which describes my problem.
But the suggested solution doesn’t solve it for my program.

@MFeagleControl it seems to be working for me as demonstrated in this snippet:

If that doesn’t get it working for you, can you please provide your code to look at?


The only solution in this case is to place the grid inside the layout cell.