Grid coro scrollbar 2nd issue


I’m working with grid which contains “coro” values and I have the famous issue with Chrome:

I already found the solution for this:

But when applying the change in the .css file I have this:

So the T1, T2, …, T5 values are not visible completely. Is there any solution for this?


would you like to increase width of the cell?


no, I can’t, I have to spare with the space


selectbox option list takes the width of your column.
You may try to increase its width using css.
Something like

    width:150px !important

Here is the example: (check the second column)


Thx for this. I’m using the “coro” also in other places in our application. Is it possible to change the width only for the given grid? So not to have it as a global setting.

… or to have the width_of_my_column + 10px for the selectbox width


You may try to use the min-width property instead of the width


That’s exactly what I need :slight_smile: thx