"id" attribute should be explicitly string type in Combo data

I’m digging this issue all day long.
It’s incorrect because 1 is an integer.

This is correct.

Just a remind to other users.

In the dhtmlxCombo 6.4 you are able to use the integer ids for the options:

That’s great. Thank you

I just upgraded suite from 6.4.1 to 6.4.4. But the dynamically loaded list in the combo didn’t show any more, even if I change the id to its integer. Once I switch back to 6.4.1, it shows correctly.

Could you please, provide a complete demo, demo link, or the snippet, so the problem could be reconstructed locally.

Thank you sematik.
In the demo, other unrelated codes were deleted, the combobox runs well.
So the problem must lie in my codes. Sorry ~

it’s ok) glad that everythings works well for you now.

Hi Sematik,
I found the reason(pls see the attached demo.zip (227.1 KB) ). It turns out to be the window modal or modalless.
My Combo was in a form which was attached to the window. In suite 6.4.4, if the window was created modal, the combo list won’t show, while if modalless, that will be normal. In suite 6.4.1, combo list won’t be affected by the window modal or modalless.

Try my workaround from the snippet in this post:

Thank you for your analysis, Proldapru.