Marker render issue with show_chart option


This might be related to (Possible) Marker not displaying on init when show_chart is false, am not too sure yet. Hence, I create a new topic rather than using back the same one.


When show_chart is false, then after loading other component, then back to the Gantt component. Marker does not render. In my actual application, I notice that this happens even when show_chart is true, but I am not able to replicate it in my demo application yet. Hope that this sample application is enough to fix these issue.

I have a very simple sample application. Default to show_chart false.


If clicked on show, Chart area will be shown and Now marker is displayed.

Visit the Fake link above, then click Home again. Then click Show again. Now marker should be still shown.

Now the issue comes when show_chart is false, and link are visited.

Refresh the page again, click on Show a couple to times to ensure that the Now marker is always rendered. This is the correct behavior.

Now before, clicking on Fake link, ensure Chart is not shown now.

Click on Fake link.


Click back to Home link again. Then click on Show button.

As you can see, the Now marker is now gone.

As I have mentioned, it does happens even when show_chart is true, but if I’m not wrong, the scenario to replicate it is to:

  1. Show the chart (Now marker is rendered)
  2. Click on the Fake link then click Home home
  3. At the time, the Chart must be shown by default instead of manually clicking it to Show.
  4. Then I believe the Now marker will not be shown

When I am able to, I will update the sample project to try to replicate it if possible.

You can grab a copy of the sample project from here.

To run the application:

  • Extract to anywhere on your machine
  • Run npm i
  • Run npm start

Hello Joseph,
Thank you for informing about the issue.
I reproduced it in the snippet:
Looks like, it happens if you toggle the chart 2 times then reinitialize Gantt. The marker itself exists, but it is not displayed.
I added the bug in the tracker, and it will be fixed in the future.

As a workaround, you can reinitialize Gantt after toggling the chart:

Hi @ramil,

In the snippet that you re-produce, what was the step to reproduce it. I clicked to toggle twice, but it was always there. Did I miss something?


Hello Joseph,
You need to follow these steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Click on the Toggle chart 2 times. Notice that the marker is displayed.
  2. Click on the Reinitialize Gantt button.
  3. Click on the Toggle chart .
  4. The marker is not displayed (!)

Hi @ramil,

Thanks, I’m able to reproduce it as well now with the snippet.

Hope that this issue can be resolve in the upcoming release soon.

Thank you!