(Possible) Marker not displaying on init when show_chart is false


I encountered a weird issue here, and could be a bug in the Marker extension or core gantt library.

I have updated my GitHub project to show the bug.

I notice that sometimes, the Marker does not appear on the Chart, and after playing with different test cases, I manage to track down and able to narrow down and able replicate the behavior (bug).

First test:

On initial load, show_chart = false. Empty dataset.

  1. Click on Add button to add an new entry.
  2. Click Show button to show the Chart.
  3. You will notice that the Now Marker does not exist in the Chart.
  4. But if you click Show again twice (hide and show), you will now see the Now Marker.

Second test:

On initial load, show_chart = true. Empty dataset.

  1. Now Marker is shown in the Chart (by default).
  2. Click on Add button to add an new entry. (Now Marker is still there)

Let me know if there is any clarification required.


Update: I have updated my repo with additional dataset. I noticed that in the initial load, whether there is data parsed doesn’t matter. As long as the initial load, if show_chart = false, the Marker will not be shown.

Although, I am able to replicate the behavior consistently after playing around with different test cases. I also noticed that sometimes after some re-init of gantt, the Marker will disappear somehow. May be the same cause as the previous bug that I have reported where the root cause is about the re-init of gantt.

Hello Joseph,
Thank you for sharing that information.
I will add the first use case as a bug in the tracker. Now, as a workaround, you can resize the window, open the dev console or apply gantt.render() command.

The second use case is not considered as a bug, because you try to show the marker and it is displayed in the timeline. The marker shouldn’t disappear when you add a task.
If you expect something specific with that use case, please clarify.

Hi @ramil,

Sorry for not being clear on my use-case.

I wanted to show that when show_chart = true, the marker will be there whereas when show_chart = false, marker doesn’t show. So it’s only one bug, not two.

Any ETA for this fix?

Hello Joseph,
Unfortunately, I cannot give you an ETA. But I will notify you when the fix is ready.

Hi @ramil,

It seem that from the changelog of 6.2.2, this issue has been resolved. Is that right?

Hello Joseph,
Yes, the 6.2.2 version has the fix for vertical markers. Now, if you add them when the timeline is disabled, they are displayed after enabling the timeline:

I have a scheduled time for notifying about bug fixes. If there are some other fixes that I haven’t notified you, please wait, I didn’t forget about that. :wink:

Hi @ramil,

Thank you, and noted on your scheduler.