Problem with export excel and php 5.1.6


When i use grid2excel package, it works fine on my own computer (on windows, php 5.3.0), but i have a blank page on an other computer (on linux, php 5.1.6).

I saw that Tom had almost the same problem, but there is no answer to his pbm :

"I am having some issues making it work. When I click on Get as excel another window generate.php opens up and nothing happens after that. No error file is being generated as well … "

I’ve already had problems due to this old version of php …

Could you help me ?

Be sure to use the latest version for both client side and server side ( there were some problems with parameters transfer which can cause the similar result ) -

If it is the latest version already - check that error_output is not disabled on the problematic server, it possible that some necessary php module is not enabled , and it causes error, which is not visible due to disabled error_output.

Hy, thanks for your answer.

I already have the latest version of grid2excell.

And error output is enabled, in php.ini :

  • display_errors on
  • log_errors on
    In generate.php :
  • $debug = true;

An other idea ?

no idea to help me ?

In generate.php :

  • $debug = true;
    Do you have debug xml file generated in the grid2excel’s folder?

If test page is accessible through internet - can you PM the link where it can be checked ?
With latest version, the only similar issues are related to Windows version of php , which has problems with zip extension for some php builds.

Hello !
I have same issue…
works fine on local PC but download empty file while exporting from server.
debug show that xml document contain data but downloaded excel is empty.
file generated after $debud= true is here:

Please, try to include the updated dhtmlxgrid_export extension on your page.
And try to use the following url to export the data:

Thank You ! Its work