SpreadSheet v2.0 beta is available!

Hi to everyone!

We are preparing the new release of dhtmlxSpreadsheet. Now there is dhtmlxSpreadsheet 2.0 beta available so you can download it and try the new features:

Standalone Spreadsheet:
spreadsheet-v2.0.zip (494 KB)
WP plugin:
spreadsheet-v2.0-wordpress.zip (2.01 MB)
Joomla plugin:
spreadsheet-v2.0.1-joomla.zip (2.06 MB)

What’s new in v.2.0 beta:

  • Cell validation - you can define the cell type as: number, email, positive, not empty. The spreadsheet will mark the cell if the entered value doesn’t meet the requirements.
  • Lock/unlock feature allows you to lock the cells so they can’t be edited.
  • Using database prefix (mostly for WordPress, Joomla) - you can create several spreadsheets from one database.
  • Improved ctrl+c/ctrl+v support, support for ctrl+x
  • Hotkeys support and keys navigation (support for Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, etc)
  • Undo operation - use the button on the toolbar to undo your last actions.
  • Copy selection
  • Support for absolute links in formulas (Excel-like functionality)
  • Improved copying (relative formulas and styles)

Feedbacks and bug reports are appriciated!

I am just learning my way around the current version, which is very useful. All the new features look great.

Suggestion: provide more robust documentation, especially on the organization of spreadsheet info into five different tables. I need to code for specific data to be in the source table(s), which I will accomplish via coding. Then the spreadsheet will be called by my web app with a user_id. I am learning the guts of the component but nothing is documented. This is what I’d like to see provided for the new version.

I like the features you are proposing!


Glad to see support for Oracle and other databases in the beta - although I guess the spreadsheet.sql requires rewriting to take account of the differences.

I do know an excellent Oracle DBA and developer! :slight_smile:

Yep, database dump will not work for all supported types of databases. Thanks for pointing to this problem. We will update it in the next update. ( Logic of code is cross-compliant, only the initial dump is problematic )

I downloaded the 2.0 Joomla above, and I am unable to proceed past the installation. When I hit Joomla’s “Upload & Install” I get the following error:

Failed loading XML file
XML: xmlParsePI : no target name
JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find Joomla XML setup file

Any help regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for inconvenience, links in above post were updated. Please grab spreadsheet-v2.0.1-joomla.zip which will work correctly.

I ran into memory problems when activating the wordpress spreadsheet plug-in.
The spreadsheet code is reading all the cell values of every sheet at the activate time.
So, I hot fixed it as shown in “spreadsheet.php” file. It also looks like a problem for V2.

  • regards
function sh_load_dump($drop = false) {
	global $wpdb, $sh_cfg;
	// LIMIT 10000 added to stop out of memory errors but still do big sheet read test 
	$query = "SELECT * FROM ".$wpdb->prefix."data" . " LIMIT 10000" ; 

thanks for your report. Fix will be available with the next update.
By the way, you may use LIMIT 1 instead of LIMIT 10000. This query is used only to know if required table exists.

with the v2 beta, is it going to be possible to adjust the height of individual rows?


Hi, we don’t have plans to implement changing rows height for now.

Excited with the new update. I’ve been experiencing a weird glitch when trying to export sheets with 60+ rows of data in XLS or PDF. Is this something I can adjust/fix myself.

Hi! Could you describe what’s wrong more in details?

My apologies yes, i’m using the standard spreadsheet. It looks like I can’t export any of my spreadsheets with 60 or more rows of data. Any other time they export via XLS/PDF just fine. It only happens with spreadsheets containing big amounts of data. The spreadsheets are using the same database. I have a total of five sheets. Three of which contain a lot of data.

Hi, does any error occur or just blank page is shown?
Could you provide link to your spreadsheet page?

No errors occur. A blank page displays when trying to export to PDF, and nothing happens when trying to export to XLS.

trucrete.com/distributors/te … dsheet.php

please, try to update dhtmlxsh_export.js from attachment into spreadsheet/codebase/ directory.
Still doesn’t work?
dhtmlxsh_export.zip (1.52 KB)

Bloody fantastic! It worked like a charm. Thank you very much. Your help is appreciated looking forward to future updates and other application. Thanks again.

Would really like to make use of the multiple spreadsheet option but have no idea how to:
Use database prefix
Can someone explain how I would go about adding additional spreadsheets to posts?

you should use different ids for different spreadsheets:

<script src="../codebase/spreadsheet.php?sheet=1&parent=gridbox1" ></script>
<script src="../codebase/spreadsheet.php?sheet=2&parent=gridbox2" ></script>

This code will initialize two ssheets with different contents. You don’t have to do any additional steps.

That’s great, thanks Radyno.