Scheduler timeline inside layout

I have two schedules in timeline. They work great if outside of Suite layout.
Once I call them inside of the layout I don’t get the timeline view anymore.

Check the picture

The first two are inside the layout and the last two are exactly the same schedules however outside of the layout
Also calling setCurrentView after rendering, doesn’t change anything.

Any idea why is this happening?
Thanks for any help

Hello @Contente ,

I tried to reproduce this issue in our snippet tool, but all scheduler instances were created correctly(please pay no attention to the alert messages for the scheduler) :


It’s hard to suggest what exactly goes wrong without more details, so could you please provide more details or reproduce it in the snippet above(open the snippet => reproduce the issue => click the “Save” button => send me the new link)?

Please do not duplicate the same question on different topics.

Hi @Siarhei

Sorry for the double question. my bad!
Thank you for testing it out. I have made a deeper research and try to find out how to make it possible It seems I was able to!
Check this snippet

So, a few interesting things:

  • Schedulers don’t need to be initiated init() if they will be attached to a cell
  • On Suite 6.x there is a function

.attachScheduler(new Date(2017,5,30), "month", null, scheduler2);

which is no longer available on Suite 7.x.

Suite 7.x only has attach(scheduler2) which doesn’t support values like new Date() and view.
One possible workaround is to listen for onSchedulerReady and setCurrentView with date and view, in my case:

scheduler_2.attachEvent("onSchedulerReady", function () { requestAnimationFrame(function(){ scheduler_2.setCurrentView(new Date(), "timeline"); }); });

Still problems to solve:

  • If resizable:true, while resizing, the view changes to standard
  • if section_autoheight: false,, cell is not adjusting to schedulers new height
  • On my personal opinion there is some lack of information on the documents, related to the scheduler attachment. According to the attach function, we can pass a config object right after the element, but there is no information on how to do it for the scheduler.

Really thank you for your time and dedication.

Hello @Contente ,

Thank you for the details, currently, the scheduler is a little bit lacks integration with the latest “Suite” version, I sent provided details to our dev team, and they will work on it, unfortunately, there is no ETA.